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Polr. Smartbrush (Graphite Black)

Polr. Smartbrush (Graphite Black)

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Why Smartbrush?

Let's break it down. Starting from the top to the bottom.

1. Shape of head - Oval sized, neither too big, not too small. Perfect fit for your teeth.
Also, familiar enough to transition from old manual toothbrushes. You can try and use ours manually if you'd like, works wonderfully well. This isn't the case for round heads.

2. Bristles - Contoured to the arc of teeth, W or wave shaped.
Also, in terms of quality, we use the highest quality dupont material that feels neither too hard nor too soft. Perfect for most teeth types.

3. Motion - Up and down swiping motion like a wiper on a bus. Dentists around the world recommend this style of brushing technique. The bristles actually vibrate to this motion unlike cheaper alternatives in which only the handle vibrates and the bristles have no real motion.

4. Modes - Intelligent and intuitive cycle of rhythms and patterns with pauses that allow for adjustments, giving a holistic cleaning routine for your teeth, gums and and tongue. Also, there's multiple levels of intensities and settings for sensitivities.

5. Handle - Bigger is better for grip. You would know this if you're into sports or fitness. More diameter is easier to grip. That's why kids' toothbrushes have bigger handles. You'd be doing your fingers a favour which are tired from over usage on phones and laptops.

6. Battery - Best in class 2000 mah Samsung battery. Goes on for months at end, just charge once and forget about it. The wireless charging base is super convenient and doubles up as a stand.

Polr. Smartbrush


What comes inside the box?

  • Polr. Smartbrush body (main unit)
  • Two brush heads (in sealed packs)
  • One brush head cap (for hygiene)
  • One USB charging pad (without adapter)